Household of Faith Church

925 West Edgewood Avenue

Jacksonville, Florida 32208




Drs. Lewis and Bernadette Williams pioneered this ministry on a Wednesday evening, December 20, 1989, when 27 people assembled together under the divine appointment of God. Pastor Williams preached a powerful message that evening and 5 people joined the ministry at a little house converted into a church located on Soutel Drive. Service was available only on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. and Wednesday Bible Study at 7:00 p.m. We were at this location for 1 year and increased to 27 members.
From there we moved to a relative’s church to save money, located on US1. The building did not have restroom nor air conditioning, so we utilized the facilities of a near by restaurant. We continued to trust God until He gave us a building at 1357 Hart Street. We occupied the building after a 3-month wait, with our 27 members, believing God would take care of us. God blessed the church to grow to its full capacity of 108 comfortably. From 1991 through 1995. God blessed us to increase to 150 active members.
Through prayer, teaching and preaching of the Word, God moved us for growth and development and led us to 1665 West Edgewood Avenue. We continued to operate in ministry reaching masses through preaching and teaching the Word of God, radio broadcast witnessing, food & clothing ministry, transportation ministry, nursing home ministry and many other types of outreach. God increased our membership from 150 to 350 plus active members. Approximately 7 years ago, God blessed us with our building located at 1410 West Edgewood Avenue, which was an old dilapidated 26,200 square foot Winn Dixie building.
We were blessed and empowered to renovate this building with diversity; to be utilized in many facets to impact the community. Presently this beautiful facility is known as our Ministry Center that is used to Reach The Community through many outreach programs. Prior to this building becoming our Ministry Center it served as a facility for Worship Service for four years. Our ministry has grown to over 1500 members and is continuously increasing and we give God all the praise.
Presently, we are located at 925 West Edgewood Ave. a 42,000 square foot facility, God is Awesome. As God continually grow our ministry, it is our vision to build stronger family values and structure throughout the Northside region and surrounding communities. We are blessed that God has invested such greatness, vision and gifts in the hands of our Founders and congregation…we do not take it lightly but again give God All the Praise.